W4Cy & W4Vet 2/08/2018

Our first guest is Marilee Schwartzwalder, our Pet Expert on Let’s Just Talk.  Her topic today is Pet Wellness, adoption, teaching children pet responsibility and care of our pets during extreme cold.

Marilee was a Volunteer Founder President for over 25 years.  Founder and  Director of the Humane Association of Warren County  for over 20 years and is retiring in March 2018.  She has devoted her life  and career to Animal Welfare.





Our next guest is M.B. Dallocchio (The Desert Warrior) she served as a medic, mental health sergeant, and retention NCO in the US Army for eight years.  While on deployment to Ramadi, Iraq in 2004-2005, she served as a member of “Team Lioness,” the first female team that was attached to Marine infantry units to perform checkpoint operations, house raids, and personnel searches on Iraqi women and children for weapons and explosives.

After her return in 2006, she pursued studies in Czech and international relations as a David L. Boren National Security Education Program scholar in Prague.  She was featured in the 2008 documentary film “Lioness” and several books covering women in combat. In 2009, she was awarded the Outstanding Woman Veteran Award by the State of Massachusetts for her service in both the military and the veteran community.

The Desert Warrior is an extraordinary memoir of trauma recovery and resilience, while providing a fascinating look at one soldier’s return from the early, grisly years of the Iraq War. After losing her money, possessions, and fiancé, a soldier returns to the U.S. from war feeling disconnected from family, friends, and everyday American life. When she encounters rejection from her compatriots and the VA as a female combat veteran, she decides to embark on a global odyssey to find her own true meaning of “home.” While she may appear different than most as a multiracial woman who was one of the first women who served in direct combat operations in the U.S. military, this wandering soldier explains how we all share the universal desire for acceptance, love, and a secure place to call home. For more information or to purchase the book go to www.thedesertwarrior.com

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