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Our first guest Dr. Ann Kaiser is the author of REDEFINING AGING: A Caregiver’s Guide to Living Your Best Life (Johns Hopkins University Press, November 2017), Dr. Ann Kaiser Stearns, a professor of behavioral science at the Community College of Baltimore County, offers myth-busting insights that will empower family members to cope with the challenges and blessings of caregiving while aging successfully themselves.  She couples findings from the latest research with insight into the deeper psychological and emotional challenges of care giving, as well as the sources of resilience, in order to help caregivers achieve the best possible life for those they care for—and for themselves as they age.
REDEFINING AGING is about aging well oneself, rejecting ageist stereotypes, and endeavoring to reduce the risks of disability or dementia in one’s own later life years.  The focus is on giving care and practicing self-care—living the “best possible life,” while coping with the high stress and countless problem solving challenges of care giving.

Dr. Ann Kaiser is also the author of the national best seller Living Through Personal Crisis, published in seven languages, Ann Kaiser Stearns, PhD, is a professor of behavioral science at the Community College of Baltimore County. She has received excellence in teaching awards from the Maryland Psychological Association, Johns Hopkins University, and Loyola University Maryland. For more information go to her website www.annkaiserstearns.com 



Dan Perkins: Author | Financial Planner | Speaker | Philanthropist | Mentor

Our guest today is Author Dan Perkins he will be discussing his latest children’s book “ Why Can’t Grammy Remember Me?”





As with the novels he writes, Dan Perkins is a multi-faceted character. He resonates a life filled with action, travel, family and of course, writing. The story-lines of his books, although fiction, could be pulled today’s headlines. His sense of the political arena is keen and sharp, with a wit to match. From his speaking engagements to his radio program, to his often appearances on TV programs, Dan keeps his opinions in the public view. While not always politically “correct” he is always politically “astute.”


Growing in popularity and with a following that rivals long-time authors, this relatively newcomer to the political thriller genre has a list of followers waiting for the next book to come off the press. And Dan never fails to please them.

With the completion of the Brotherhood series, his newest book, due out in early winter, weaves a story from one of the characters of his best-selling books. Ted Baker, In Terrorist Gold will be identified with the Brotherhood, but in a whole new setting.

What makes readers flock to Perkins? He believes it could be the honesty of his writing, the intrigue and suspense of Tom Clancy: Politics, technology and the capability of wiping out the world one-country at a time. His books are realistic, thrilling and with a sense of urgency: Stop This From Happening! For more information go to Danperkins.guru

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