Fairfax Radio 05/15/2018

Our guest today is Dee Kimble Christian Rap Artist, Dee is going to attempt to teach Kathryn how to Rap.
Dee Kimble began as a MC/Stand-up comedian and actor performing at comedy clubs, colleges, community theaters, and radio The DJ That Does it All Today DJ Dee Kimble. DJ Dee Kimble was one of the artist signed to the Stand Alone Music Label. In 2017 Stand Alone Music released 3 singles; “Insomnia” and “I Couldn’t” (singles featured on DJ Dee Kimbles forthcoming album “The Meaning Of Life”) and “Heart Of A King” Furyus featuring DJ Dee Kimble, Kamara O Fa and Chess. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1skrH95ctZE
Artist currently signed to Stand Alone Music are Furyus, (who is also signed with NVE Records/UMG), DJ Dee Kimble and Kamara O Fa. Upcoming Stand Alone Music releases are DJ Dee Kimbles “Meaning Of Life” album in 2018, “TR8CE” (A group that consists of Furyus, DJ Dee Kimble and Kamara O Fa) their EP “Season Of Change” in 2018, and Kamara O Fa’s debut album in 2018. For more information go to the website www.iammarkivus.com/stand-alone-music.html    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=012eJkQ9haU

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