Joey Dwek, CEO/Founder Weightloss Buddy

Founder and CEO of Weight Loss Buddy

Our Mission

To create and provide a 24-hour online community center that caters to the needsof those wanting to lose weight and get in shape. Our goal is to remove the overwhelming feelings of loneliness that dieting can produce, while replacing them with encouragement and self-esteem builders. We’ll pair you up with a Weight Loss Buddy and offer a no-fail support system. We’re here for you, always. That’s our pledge and our promise.

Welcome to your weight loss community!

The Weight Loss Buddy app and community helps people looking to lose weight find their perfect match and unique, brutally honest support system in their journeys toward a healthy and vibrant lifestyle. Weight Loss Buddy has over 150,000 members. Listeners can go  Make sure you use the code Kat when ordering or call 877-BUDDY-UP.