W4Cy & W4Vet 2-15-2018

Our first guest is Michael Z. Williamson,  author, he will discuss is  latest book, Freehold: Forged in Blood, which was released in September 2017.

The specific topic is, if Earth were destroyed, how would you rebuild it?  And what would apparently dis-related subjects such as science-fiction and disaster preparedness have in common and how would they contribute to the reconstruction process.  Mike can talk about his own science-fiction novels such as Mr. Williamson’s Freehold: Forged in Blood, Angeleyes, A Long Time Until Now, etc. as well as L. Ron Hubbard’s Battlefield Earth on how the technologies expounded in these novels carry forward a survivalist philosophy. 

Michael Z. Williamson was born in 1967 in Birkenhead, England and raised in many cities including: Liverpool, Newton-le-Willows & the Isle of Wight, England; Mississauga, Ontario; Newark, Granville & Toledo, Ohio.

He joined the USAF at age 18 and went on a whirlwind tour of the deserts and cornfields of America being stationed at numerous bases while also touring other countries including Scotland, Wales; Majorca, Spain and Kuwait.

Mike published his first novel, Freehold, in 2004 and is essentially a genre-defying author, but he does frequently write in the military-SF genres.

His newest offering is an anthology, Forged in Blood, about warriors and soldiers tied together throughout time and space.

His hobbies include: reading, writing, historical re-enactments, forging blades, throwing himself out of aircraft, hiking, Kung Fu, shooting, archery, fine liquors, fine food, traveling and ranting at the political, social and moral state of the world. www.MichaelZWilliamson.com




Dan Perkins: Author | Financial Planner | Speaker | Philanthropist | Mentor and Commentator

Our second guest today is Author Dan Perkins he will be discussing his latest, novel Ted Baker in Terrorist Gold, this is a sequel of his bestselling series, Brotherhood of the Red Nile Series. Dan Perkins is a radio and TV personality and appears on hundreds of radio and TV shows a month.

Ted Baker in Terrorist Gold by [Perkins, Daniel]

With the completion of the Brotherhood series, his newest book, is now out, an weaves a story from one of the characters of his best-selling books. Ted Baker, In Terrorist Gold will be identified with the Brotherhood, but in a whole new setting.

What makes readers flock to Perkins? He believes it could be the honesty of his writing, the intrigue and suspense of Tom Clancy: Politics, technology and the capability of wiping out the world one-country at a time. His books are realistic, thrilling and with a sense of urgency: Stop This From Happening!

As with the novels he writes, Dan Perkins is a multi-faceted character. He resonates a life filled with action, travel, family and of course, writing. The story-lines of his books, although fiction, could be pulled today’s headlines. His sense of the political arena is keen and sharp, with a wit to match. From his speaking engagements to his radio program, to his often appearances on TV programs, Dan keeps his opinions in the public view. While not always politically “correct” he is always politically “astute.”

Growing in popularity and with a following that rivals long-time authors, this relatively newcomer to the political thriller genre has a list of followers waiting for the next book to come off the press. And Dan never fails to please them. To get your copy of Dan’s latest thriller Terrorist Gold go to Amazon, Books A Million or Barnes and Noble to purchase For more information go to Danperkins.guru.

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W4CY & W4Vet January 25, 2018

Mark Shaw is the President of Skipkenny BBQ, a producer of Texas BBQ Sauces and Dry Rub located in New Braunfels, Texas. Originally educated in the field of engineering and then changing to a career in Occupational Therapy with children, Mark continues to have a passion for creating recipes for Skipkenny BBQ.


When not practicing Occupational Therapy, Mark will be found at the BBQ Pit perfecting his skills toward a true Pit Master. With three BBQ Sauces and a Dry Rub under his belt,  Mark is moving forward toward new recipes for marinades and dressings to grow Skipkenny BBQ product line. To order Skipkenney BBQ go to their website at www.skipkenneybbq.com




Our second guest is now featured as Erbman in the new Reality TV Series “The Redneck Getaway”,(Tour De Force),possibly one of the wildest outdoor redneck shows ever. Erbman will talk about his character in the new series.

Scott Carreiro was September 1966 He came from a broken home with his parents divorcing when he was 8 years old. He bounced around and went to several several schools and lived in many towns. He ended up in foster care for couple years, he found his dad at the age of 16.  Scott graduated from high school in LaGrande Oregon. He followed the wrong path for a couple years and ended up in prison in 1998.  When he got out of prison, he decided to change his life and for the last 13 years he has worked at Northwood Manufacturing building recreational vehicles, everything from campers small RVs big RVs. Small RVs pulled with a small SUV two very large RVs pulled with a one ton truck or bigger. And now has the lead in the chassis Department. He enjoys fishing, camping and  being with his good friends. Just recently he joined the cast of the TV Reality Series “The Redneck Getaway” his character is Erbman.


Kerry Wallum- Our Expert Film Maker discusses the new reality show “The Redneck Getaway (Tour De Force)” possibly one of the wildest outdoor redneck shows ever. Kerry and one member of the cast talk to Kathryn on each segment of Let’s Just Talk. Characters on the show are Bounty Hunter, Toad, JHuggs, Eagle Eye, Ghost, and Erbman. Each one of the characters talks about their specific characters and involvement in the new show. For more information on the some Kerry’s newest projects check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RdmIutrxFOQ    and  Luckfilms.com

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Christian Talk 1160 AM 09-23-2017

Our first guest today is Kelsey Moore a 26 year old, blogger and filmmaker. She is from a small town in VA. Her husband of 6 years, Andrew are blessed with a 5 year old son named Carter. Carter was born premature at 26 weeks so he came into this world demanding everyone’s attention from the start. They have a popular You Tube Reality show.
Kelsey  got started in filming on you tube because her son  loved it. He is like every other 5 year old, now days he is obsessed with it and was begging to do his own show.  So one day she gave in and started filming and haven’t stopped since. Once she realized how creative they could be with it and seeing how excited  her son Carter would get when he would think of something fun to film there was not stopping them.  Kelsey’s goal is to make her You tube  show the best family entertainment on You Tube. She feels that it is true you can make money with it and that is a blessing. But she wants to make a lasting impression and teach people how to make memories for their family.  This program is for the whole family and they can enjoy it together and take a needed break from their busy day. She wants you to just sit down together and watch them for a bit. She says if you watch it will hopefully bring joy, laughter and will warm your heart and if it does she has done her job, she wants to bring great family programming to all of you. Go to  Moore Living on You Tube to see this wonderful show.

Our next guest is  Craig Fernandes, President of Patriot Threads; an apparel company. A Non-Profit that donates a portion of all profits to benefit charities – primarily veterans organizations.

The idea came to Craig’s son Brady in the fall of 2015. At that time he was 17 year old  was finishing up his shift as a retail clerk at Kinnucan’s Outfitters where he had been employed for the last two years when his idea for a line of apparel came to him as he was putting inventory away. He had been tasked with coming up with a plan for his Capstone Project which is a requirement for every student to graduate from Christian Academy of Knoxville. The idea is to do something that you have an interest in that will spring board you to the next step after high school and also has a philanthropic purpose behind it to help others as well. Some coach teams for disadvantaged youth, others held bake sales to raise money for charity. Brady decided to use the experience from retail job and his eye for style to develop a line of patriotic apparel that he could sell and use the proceeds to raise money for local non-profit organizations that support wounded veterans. You see Brady’s grandfather was a veteran and he wanted to do something that would have a purpose beyond the project. He also had friends and family members that had served and had seen the need brought to light as Veteran’s were a hot topic during the Presidential elections process as well.
That was the beginning of the start of their  Patriot Threads Apparel Company. Brady went to his dad and with Craig experience in Marketing the two formed the Company to help Non-Profits primarily veterans organizations. For more information go to www.patriotthreads.org or call 865-805-3238