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  • WWLN 1080AM / WDZY1290AM / 103.3FM KWDF 840AM / 99.7FM – 8/18/2018

    Our first guest is Tina Mahal, VP of Marketing, Potato Chips at Frito-Lay, to discuss a major launch happening this summer that will take you on a flavor tour across the nation!  Tina will give us the scoop on the eight new and delicious regional flavors that make up Lay’s biggest flavor launch ever. With the new Lay’s portfolio stretching from the East to West coast, there is something for everyone! Join Tina as they kick off the “Summer of Flavor” and celebrate the unique flavors across each region of our country. For more information go to www.lays.com




    Our second guest today is Dr. Donald Middleton, a Physician and Professor at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and spokesperson for Pfizer he will discuss Pneumococcal Pneumonia and why this is just one vaccine-preventable disease that Baby Boomers should help protect themselves against. He is the author of numerous textbook chapters and scientific articles, Dr. Middleton is the editor of the DVD textbook, Comprehensive Review of Family Medicine, which features over 60 hours of lectures devoted to primary care. He is also the lead developer of the app for iPhones and androids, Shots Immunizations, under the auspices of the STFM which was incorporated into the AAFP app in 2018. He has written several TIME curriculum modules, most recently reviewing meningococcus. His research interests include residency education on immunization, inpatient vaccinations, and inpatient influenza research. For more information go to : knowpneumonia.com



    Our last guest is Jason Bryant, Active Shooter Training Expert, he will discuss the need for a preparedness plan in the workplace and how to enact one.

    Active shooter events are sadly becoming an increasingly frequent occurrence in the United States. In 2017 alone, there were 29 active shooter incidents in the US. Many of the most recent mass shootings, such as the attacks in Parkland, FL and Santa Fe, TX, have occurred in schools. However, most active shooter events do not happen in schools.

    Approximately half (45%) of all active shooter events take place in the workplace. School shootings have the second highest rate at 25%. While students across the country now take part in “active shooter drills” the same way they have historically done with fire drills, most companies have no formal plan for the first three minutes of an attack — the average amount of time it takes law enforcement to arrive on the scene. For more information please visit https://alertfind.com/activeshooter



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