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  • WCVX 1160 AM 9-23-2018

    Our first guest today is Author, Linda Fergerson will be discussing her newest book, A Royal Family: The Lion and the Butterfly Series, Book Two. Her first book, A Royal Dance, offered a glimpse of life in the tumultuous and exciting days when some Jews were starting to believe a young rabbi from Nazareth was the promised Messiah. Into those days, Fergerson introduces the character of Jerusha, a young Jewish woman who bears a secret that breaks her heart and threatens to break her spirit, even as she holds onto her father’s promise that she is royalty from the tribe of Judah and will one day dance before the King. She admits to being surprised by God’s use of writing in granting her healing. In her own life, when she turned to God, and knew he loved her, had redeemed her and set her free, her joy bubbled over into dance and ministry to others.  But author Linda Fergerson’s books also have a subtext that relates to her own story of pain and heartbreak, as she has woven into the books her own heartbreak of abuse, and then later, years of infertility.  Yet God has healed her and she has come through her experiences triumphant.

    A Royal Family: The Lion and the Butterfly Series, Book Two [ISBN: 978-1-946889-28-7, $14.99] recently released from Carpenter’s Son Publishing. Along with A Royal Dance: The Lion and the Butterfly Series, Book One [ISBN: 978-1-946889-21-8, $14.99], it is available from selected book stores and online retailers. The next
    book in the series, A Royal Father: The Lion and the Butterfly Series, Book Three [ISBN: 978-1-946889-86-7, $14.99] will release in 2019. For more information about Linda and her writing and speaking ministry, visit www.LindaFergerson.com. 



    Our second guest is Author and Ordained Evangelist Fredrick Ezeji-Okoye he will be discussing his recently-released new book, Who Prays for the Pastor?  Aimed at an audience of both pastors as well as their parishioners, Ezeji-Okoye offers practical information for both parishioners as well as pastors on a variety of subjects, all aimed at supporting pastors in their life and work.  He had been called to minister to those who minister, being led by God to create an organization called the Men of Faith Network.

    “Parishioners should share the burden of praying for our pastors. Week after week, we come to receive that which God has poured into them. We have many expectations of them, expressed and unexpressed,” Ezeji-Okoye explains.  “How often does the average congregant stop to consider the pastor’s needs? If the pastor is doing all the pouring, how is he being replenished? It is time to become the ones who pray for our pastors.” Who Prays for the Pastor? [ISBN: 978-1-946889-48-5, $9.99] was published by Carpenter’s Son Publishing. It is available from online retailers and selected book stores. For more information, visit https://libertyfoundationllc.com.

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