W4Cy & W4VET 07/13/2017

Renea Morris, Chief Marketing Officer with her husband Reginald Morris. Photo by Ben Siegel

Our guests today are Dr. Reginald Morris and his wife Renea Morris. The discussion today is about their new book “Resurrect Your Dead Marriage”









Dr. Reggie as he likes to be called is a former Senior Pastor, I, alongside his wife Renea, have used his relationship with God and their personal ministry to improve the lives of others. Dr. Reggie has a husband of over 30 years survived 3 separations and a contested divorce, a father of a blended family to four children and a doting grandfather to four grandchildren—he understands the struggles that come with family relationships.


With his doctorate degree in Ministry from the Christian Life School of Theology, he has combined their real-life experiences with his academic background in the interest of offering the most effective, affordable and convenient offering of pastoral counseling and relationship enhancing tools.

Renea and he have, together, worked to help those in need through their ministry since their careers began. In 1992, they co-founded the Youth Job Awareness Project in response to the riots in Los Angeles. This service helped over 2500 displaced youth and young adults find long-term employment and a sense of genuine purpose.

Nearly 25 years later, they are still working to inspire and improve lives through our ministry. To purchase the book or for more information go to their website at reginaldmorris.com

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