Radio Fairfax 09-05-2017

Stefano Riznyk, Chief Creative Director, & CEO Antonio Stefano is our guest on today’s show. They  have launched their  clothing collection with 100% Italian hand-made ties. All of them are available in 3 sizes to fit any man….the standard 58″ length (called Taller), 3 inches shorter (called Tall), and 6 inches longer, called Tallest. All ties are the standard 2.5 inches in width. We began with ties as we believe there is an urgent need for expressive and bold ties that speak about the wearer.



One of their  goals with the Antonio Stefano Brand is to contribute to a cause. He owns a 501-c-3 (non-profit) and his  goal is to raise $20 million in order to build a dog hospital to support abused and abandoned dogs (more info on our community site, We will be donating 49% (max allowed by the IRS) to the non-profit of the profit we make on every single product. From that perspective, please share our site with your friends so we can make this happen sooner!


Back to the brand…each of their neckties has a story behind it and they share with you the philosophies that led to its creation as each one took 1-4 people to design and many iterations before we settled on the final look.



Their neckties are made of the finest silk we could find in Lake Como, Italy. Every single detail has been painstakingly addressed, from the labels to the lining, the inner lining, to dyes, colors, you name it. These are the results and we hope they are worn around your neck on the way to your success, whatever that may mean to you: family, personal life, career, or whatever that goal may be.

Feel free to visit our community site (, and our social media sites, twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Share if you can so that we can all make a difference for the many abused and abandoned dogs out there. For more information go to

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