Christian Talk 1160 AM 8-5-2017

Our guest is Bill Murray, will discuss kidney disease and how it changed his life, how he manages his life today with using hemodialysis.  He will also discuss what has changed for him in his everyday life since he started doing hemodialysis.

Mr. Murray is tirelessly working to assist others with the disease and  is an active member of the kidney community, hosting patient support group meetings, speaking for the National Kidney Foundation and serving as a patient advocate for NxStage.

Mr. Murray was a self-employed plumber for his company, Shamrock Plumbing, until Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) forced him to close his business and take disability.

He was biopsy diagnosed with IgA Nephropathy in 1996. At which point his nephrologist told him that he would require dialysis to live. He followed doctor’s orders including changing lifestyle and diet restrictions along with a mind boggling amount of medicine that was constantly modified for the next 17 years until his kidney function dropped into the danger zone and he went into end stage renal failure. But he spent those years, researching his disease and all of his treatment options. He discovered that home dialysis was the most effective and had the best results. He started on peritoneal dialysis (PD) for the first 10 months. But, because of weight gain and having to constantly use the highest strength solution due to his diabetes, he made the switch to home hemodialysis (HHD). He has continued this mode of treatment very successfully since. He is constantly promoting the advantages of doing home hemodialysis from the freedom of strict in-center schedule, to the flexibility of days performed, to less or no physical draining, to the fact that it is most closely related to natural kidney function. From the difficulties of living with CKD and ESRD to coping with getting listed at transplant centers, searching for a living donor, to waiting for the call that a kidney has become available.

His personal experiences has ignited his passion for early detection, education, organ availability and donor support. He has become an active fundraiser in all related Walks in the area. He has become an active advocate both locally and nationally for National Kidney Foundation (NKF), Nephcure Kidney International (NKI) and Gift of Life Donor Foundation. He is peer mentor for both NKF and NKI. Bill is also a patient representative (PR), patient action committee (PAC) member and a subject matter expert (SME) for the ESRD Network 4 along with a SME for National NCC Patient and Family Engagement Learning and Action Network (N-KPFE-LAN) representing Network 4. He has also been recruited by NxStage to become one of their national advocates for home hemodialysis treatment options.

Bill was recognized by Gift of Life in 2014 as their outstanding first year volunteer and is being recognized by NKFDelaware Valley on World Kidney Day 2017 as their outstanding advocate for his work. Bill has been asked to serve on as a PAC member of a TEP regarding ESRD Medication Reconciliation and Management for CMS. He has also joined Kidney Health Initiative (KHI) as a PAC member of their Patient Advisory Committee – Development of a Roadmap for Renal Replacement Therapies (RRT). Bill has just recently been as to join the American Society of Transplantation (AST) conference to be held in DC in October 2017. For more information go www.

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Christian Talk 1160 AM April 8, 2017

Our first guest today is Chef Emily Frank, of C’est Cheese. She will be discussing National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day.  C’est Cheese Food Truck and  Klosterman Bread have teamed up for a National Grilled Cheese media tour.

Emily Frank Chef and Owner of C’est Cheese Food Truck created the idea after being  laid off in 2011, she  decided to leave the print industry for good and do something that she really loved. Emily was living in Chicago and knew the time was right to come back to her hometown and start a business which would also allow her to get involved in the community. She came up with the idea after owning a catering business in Chicago and knew that her next venture would be food-related. She frequented food trucks in other cities and, through research, learned that the mobile food industry was the single fastest growing sector in the restaurant industry. She recognized the absence of a grilled cheese truck in Cincinnati and knew that was a void I had to fill.

Emily has been doing the truck now for four years, and while she loves it and can’t imagine C’est Cheese not being around, there were 10 trucks when I started four years ago and now there are more than 60. It’s a very different world,” What’s next is Share Cheesebar, a retail cheese shop that will have seating for 30 to 40 people in 1,000 square feet to enjoy cheese or charcuterie plates paired with wine and craft beer. The retailer will have outdoor seating as well. It was never Frank’s intention to open a C’est Cheese restaurant. Rather, Share Cheesebar will be a place for patrons to purchase a wide selection of cheese, fresh bread and everything to accompany or pair with those items.

Emily will share a few fun facts about grilled cheese and the History of the Grilled Cheese and she  will be sharing some of her famous Grilled Cheese Sandwich recipes. For more information go or



Harvey Wells, Photograph by Ralph Morang

Our second guest is Harvey Wells, Field Marketing Specialist, Nx Stage Medical, Inc.  Harvey first learned he had reduced kidney function when he was 18 years old; however, his kidneys never presented a problem for him until later in life. In January 1998, his kidneys failed and he began peritoneal dialysis at home. Later that year, he received a kidney transplant from his wife, Peggy, that lasted 8 years before eventually failing. Harvey then began conventional dialysis, visiting a dialysis center three days every week for sessions that each lasted 4½ hours. The treatments left him feeling fatigued and made traveling difficult.  Harvey then learned about the NxStage® System One™, a portable hemodialysis machine that would enable him to have his treatments at home on a more frequent basis. After completing training with Peggy, he began dialyzing at home in the spring of 2007. Harvey experienced such a significant improvement in his health and quality of life with more frequent hemodialysis sessions that he sought to share his story to help raise awareness of the therapy option. An avid traveler and RV enthusiast, Harvey took his NxStage System One “on the road,” stopping at dialysis centers from coast to coast to invite patients to watch him set up his own treatments, answer questions and share his story. He received a stipend from NxStage for his efforts and travel expenses.

Harvey received with a second kidney transplant in March 2011. He now works for NxStage, educating patients and family members on more frequent home hemodialysis as a treatment option. Harvey says, I want people to have better access to and more awareness of this life changing therapy. Despite the health benefits that more frequent home hemodialysis may provide to those with chronic kidney disease, this form of therapy is not for everyone. Patients differ and not everyone will experience the reported benefits of more frequent home hemodialysis. All forms of hemodialysis, including treatments performed incenter and at home, involve some risks. In addition, there are certain risks unique to treatment in the home environment. Talk with your doctor to see if more frequent home hemodialysis with NxStage may be right for you. for more information go to

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W4Cy and W4Vet June 28, 2016

bio-jeffburbankJeff Burbank our first guest  is NxStage’s Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and is a member of its Board of Directors. Jeff has over 20 years of in-depth management experience with companies developing, marketing and manufacturing products for End Stage Renal Disease patients. He has led NxStage since its inception, guiding it through all of its developmental phases to the successful initiation and rapid growth of commercial activities, its initial public offering, and the acquisition of Medisystems. Prior to founding NxStage, he co-founded Vasca, Inc., a company providing innovative implantable access devices, where he was the President and CEO, as well as Chairman of the Board. He gained significant renal industry experience during his nine years in the Renal Division at Gambro, Inc., with his last position as Director of Marketing and Advanced Technologies. During his career he has been an inventor on over 50 U.S. patents for medical devices. Jeff received his BS in Industrial Engineering from Lehigh University.  For more information go to NXStage’s website at



TiaJonesOur second guest today is Tia Jones she will discuss the Rio Reality-Check: U.S. Olympians will Team up with TD Ameritrade to Surprise Top Teen Athletes. Each hopeful will receive mentoring, education and training opportunities, as well as a trip to Rio to cheer on Team USA and experience the Games firsthand. To pull off the reveal, the 2020 Team USA hopefuls were told they would be participating in a “special” training session. While working out, the young athletes were greeted by U.S. Olympians David Boudia, Chaunte Lowe, David Oliver and Mariel Zagunis who helped pull off the surprises of a lifetime. Tia Jones was surprised to meet her new Mentor  Chaunte Lowe.  Tia Jones is an  Olympic hopeful her sport is Track and Field her event is Hurdles she is 15 years old she is from Marietta, Georgia. Tia’s  mentor is Chaunte Lowe. Her Competition Highlights are as follows:  In 2013 at age 12, set national and Junior Olympic records in the 100m & 200m hurdles. Tia won silver at the Junior Olympics in the 200m in 2013. Tia set two national age group and Junior Olympic records in two days at the 2015 USATF National Junior Olympic Championships.  She won the girls 100m hurdles at the 2015 U.S. Nationals.

TD Ameritrade again teams up with U.S. Olympians to support and mentor the “next generation” of athletes. Leveraging its relationship with the United States Olympic Committee (USOC), TD Ameritrade is the only official sponsor to match U.S. Olympians with up-and-coming athletes who have their sights set on competing in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.  In coordination with the USOC and the National Governing Bodies and, four 2020 U.S. Olympic hopefuls were identified as top athletes in their sports and surprised with a special message from TD Ameritrade, delivered by a U.S. Olympian. Each hopeful will receive mentoring, education and training opportunities, as well as a trip to Rio to cheer on Team USA and experience the Games firsthand.

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