W4CY & W4VET 05/03/2018

Our next guest is Greg Economou, Head of Sports for Ticketmaster North America, he will discuss why Ticketmaster is teaming up with the NFL to provide the FIRST Open Architecture, Fully Digital Ticketing System in All of Sports!  He will tell us about what this will mean for the future of ticketing, how it will save time and energy for fans and help keep fans from being victims of ticket fraud. Beginning in the 2018 season, fans will now be able to use verified digital tickets to conveniently access tickets on their mobile device, download to a digital wallet, receive personalized event information, and enjoy a streamlined venue entry experience.

By moving to digital ticketing, which can include physical and mobile options, clubs and venues will gain access to a range of real-time insights about where tickets are traded and who is attending the event to help them better serve their customers and deliver a more secure in-venue environment.  For more information go to ticketmaster.com


Our next guest is Thomas Stewart, Executive Director of the National Center for the Middle Market, he will explain how to evaluate, improve and monitor risk preparedness and give tips on how to prepare for an inevitable business disruption by having a strong risk and resilience plan in place.

Hurricanes and wildfires wreaked havoc on the operations of many U.S. middle market companies this past fall. But new research shows that far more threatening and difficult to weather are strategic disruptions which could include immigration and trade policies now being decided in the nation’s capital.  

The National Center for the Middle Market’s (NCMM) new special report, Risk & Resilience in the Middle Market finds that strategic disruptions such as industry consolidation, changing regulations, new technology, trade agreements and macroeconomic trends are the most prevalent, costly and difficult for companies to recover from. They are also the risks that businesses are least prepared to handle. For more information please visit www.middlemarketcenter.org



As we approach the busy summer travel season, Christie Hudson, Senior Communications Manager for Expedia.com, discusses how to get the best deals. Christie will also share insider travel tips and tricks including:

Christie Hudson is the Head of North American Communications for Expedia.com and has been with the company since May 2017.  She has a passion for thinking, talking and reading about all things travel, and loves to share tips to help people take their well-deserved vacation time. Most recently she can be found in Seattle, Washington, or enjoying time off exploring the world with a toddler in tow.  For more information go to Expedia.com



Our last guest is John Friedewald, MD, Medical Director of Kidney and Pancreas transplantation at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Dr. Friedewald, is helping raise awareness about the importance of organ donation. He will also discuss some of the latest research available as well as Northwestern Memorial’s role in advancing treatment.

People who need an organ transplant are usually very ill or dying because of a failing organ. This can affect people at any age ranging from babies and small children to adults and seniors. Similarly, those needing a tissue transplant can also be of any age. In some cases, tissue can save lives. 

To bring attention to this, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, the #1 hospital in Illinois wants to encourage your listeners to learn the truth about organ and tissue donation. Most organ donations take place after the donor has died however, some organs can be donated while the donor is still alive. This can be a great alternative to waiting on the ever growing transplant list and can help save lives.


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W4Cy & W4Vet 04/05/2018

Our first guest is Dr. Peter Toth discusses his latest research further pointing to high triglycerides as an identifier of heart disease risk. The data is a follow-up to research presented at last year’s American Heart Association (AHA) Scientific Sessions.

PETER TOTH, MD, PhD, Director, Preventive Cardiology, CGH Medical Center, Sterling, IL, Professor, Clinical Family and Community Medicine, University of Illinois College of Medicine and Adjunct Associate Professor of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Cardiovascular disease is the leading of cause of death in the U.S. and worldwide. In the U.S. alone, more than 800,000 people die from the disease each year –that’s one in every three deaths, one death every 38 seconds. High triglycerides (a type of fat in the blood) identifies people at higher CV risk, despite statin therapy.


Our second guest is Michelle Dickinson-Moravek, author of Breaking Into My Life: Growing Up with a Bipolar Parent and My Battle to Reclaim Myself, knows firsthand how punishing it can be to love someone with a mental illness. Knowing that approximately one in five adults in the U.S. experiences mental illness in a given year, just isn’t the same as growing up with a mother who struggled with bipolar disorder.

Dickinson-Moravek’s story of perseverance and triumph is as painfully revealing as it is uplifting. Her memoir, Breaking Into My Life, starts with her learning to care for her bipolar mother as a child, a role that was imposed upon her. Dickinson-Moravek shares how she watched her mother seesaw between mania and deep depression while putting on the perfect front to keep her secret confined to walls of their home.

Dickinson-Moravek hopes her message prompts dialogue about mental illness at home, in school, and in the workplace. “Open discussions have the power to humanize mental illness, have it be less feared, and move us all closer to eradicating the stigma once and for all,” she says. To receive a free chapter of Breaking Into My Life, which is available on Amazon, go to www.breakingintomylife.com .


Our next guest is  Seth J. Baum, M.D., was at the American College of Cardiology’s (ACC) 67th Annual Scientific Sessions he discusses  new research that explores the clinical impact for cardiovascular patients denied access to PCSK9 inhibitors. He will also touch on the significant need to ensure high-risk patients – people with high ‘bad’ cholesterol and those at risk for a cardiovascular event – who may benefit from a PCSK9 inhibitor can receive it if appropriately prescribed by their physicians. Many patients with established CV disease cannot access PCSK9 inhibitors because of excessive “red tape” generated by restrictive insurance paperwork. Joining Dr. Baum is Mahendra , PCSK9 inhibitor patient.



Our last guest is Rachel Herz, Ph.D. a neuroscientist and leading world expert on the psychological science of smell, talks about the : WHO HAS THE STINKIEST SNEAKERS IN THE LAND?  Dr. Herz talks more about the contest and how she uses her acute scent of smell to determine a winner. She’ll be joined by the winner,who will let listeners know just how they got their She has been conducting research on the sense of smell, emotion, perception, motivated behavior and cognition since 1990.

Kids are known for getting into some stinky messes, and children from across the country competed at this year’s contest hosted at Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Times Square for a chance to win the national title and $2,500. But only one pair of sneakers could be crowned the winner and they belonged to Hunter Hamm, Age 8, Eagle River, Alaska. For more information please visit www.odor-eaters.com

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Fairfax Radio 03/27/2018

Wayne Faust author of 300 Billion to ONE!  Wayne is our guest today and tells the story of his life through the book. He wrote the book in memory of his wife, as he remembers not only the love he and his wife shared before her death from cancer, but also God’s love shown to him in a miraculous way. He wants to remind us all that whatever we face, God is with us, and God loves us more than we can imagine. A licensed therapist, Wayne knows what people need when facing grief. But in the devastating months that followed her death, Wayne nearly lost his will to live and cried out to God for answers to her death and pain.


In his overwhelming grief, Wayne cried out, “God, I need a miracle!” And God responded with an undeniable intervention, transcending time and space to create a set of circumstances so personalized Wayne could not explain them away and would be overwhelmed with restored hope that He is a caring God. A licensed therapist, Wayne is currently CEO of Counseling and Assessments Ministries (CAM), a nonprofit counseling ministry dedicated to serving Alzheimer’s clients and providing indigent children opportunities to develop career skills. Prior to starting CAM in 2015, Wayne’s career was centered in providing various licensed clinical, industrial-organizational and human resources-related services in diverse settings in the Nashville, Tennessee area where he lives. He is active in his church and serves on the board of several nonprofit organizations.

300 Billion to ONE! A True Story of Love and Hope that Defies the Odds [ISBN 978-0-692-88047-0, Carpenter’s Son Publishing] releases in February. It will be available from selected book stores and online retailers. For more information about Wayne, visit his websites, including www.300BilliontoOne.com and www.CandAMinistries.org.



Our next guest is Andrew Wagner, Senior Tax Advisor at H&R Block joins us to share tax advice for first-time filers and survey results. Andrew will Share Tips and Advice to your listeners on What They Can Expect When Filing a Tax Return for the First Time as well as How To File a 1040 EZ For “Free“. For more information go to www.hrblock.com




Our next guest is Chief of Cardiology Clyde Yancy, MD, MSc, he discusses the latest heart research, including the digital future of Heart Disease, what you and your family need to know about hypertension and the best (and easiest) ways to prevent heart disease. February is American Heart Month. For more information www.nm.org/radio

Clyde Yancy, MD, MSc,Chief, Cardiology, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine,Associate Director, The Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Past President, American Heart Association.

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