Christian Talk 1160 AM April 15, 2017


Molly Atkins was that was honored  Sunday night April 2nd at the 33rd Annual Annual L. Ron Hubbard Achievement Awards Event at the prestigious Wilshire Ebell Theatre in Los Angeles, California for her short story” Obsidian Spire” it was illustrated by Aituar Manas.

Molly Elizabeth Atkins grew up in a small university town in the heart of Texas. She learned to read early and devoured books voraciously, leaving her parents at a loss as to what to do with all the teetering stacks of paperbacks. She spent most of third grade in time-out for reading under her desk instead of listening to her teacher. By high school, she was banned from the local libraries for checking out too many books at a time and failing to return them. Though she knows this is a cardinal library sin, she would like to point out that she was young and reckless, and anyway the books were so good she was too busy re-reading them to realize their due dates had come and gone. At some point in those formative years, Molly discovered fantasy and science fiction. The incredible worlds those authors created set fire to her imagination and kindled within her a desire to write. Molly spent many years thinking of writing and plotting stories in her head. She finally picked up the pen at the ripe old age of thirty-three. She lives in St. Louis, Missouri with her ever-patient husband and two rambunctious young daughters. She gets out of bed at 5:00 a.m. every day, no exceptions, to write before her family wakes and chaos takes over the house. This is her first publication.




David VonAllmen  was honored at the 33rd  Annual L. Ron Hubbard Achievement Awards Event, on April 2nd,  at the prestigious Wilshire Ebell Theatre in Los Angeles, California.

The annual event celebrated the winners in the L. Ron Hubbard Writers and Illustrators of the Future Contests ( before a packed hall of over 1,100 guests and thousands more from around the world who watched as the event was streamed live. The night’s keynote speaker was Mr. Pat Henry, president and co-founder of Dragon Con who stated, “This is quite a spectacular event, recognizing talented aspiring writers and artists of Science Fiction and Fantasy from all over the world…. Good Fantasy is magic. It transports the reader to a new and different reality, and they come back changed forever.” He concluded by thanking “Writers and Illustrators of the Future…and everything you do to carry forward L. Ron Hubbard’s vision to promote and improve this great industry!” The Magnifcent Bhajan”, was the name of the story published.  It was illustrated by Chan ha Kim.

David VonAllmen began writing at age thirteen, but quickly became disheartened due to the poor quality of his work. In his senior year of high school, a short story he wrote to fulfill an assignment led to accusations of plagiarism and threats of expulsion. That’s when he realized his writing might be better than he’d previously given himself credit for.

Having spent his youth assuming that all fantasy was identical to Tolkien, David thought of himself as a science fiction writer, although a somewhat uninspired one. He lives in his hometown of St. Louis with his wife, Ann, and their children Lucas and Eva, who write some pretty darned good fantasy stories of their own.

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Christian Talk 1160AM 3-25-2017

Author Lawrence Allen is our guest today he will be discussing his latest writing A Novella, The Last, The Lost, And The Least – Is a novella based on a true story of recovery that offers hope to The Last, The Lost, and The Least among us. The Last, The Lost, and The Least is a powerful saga of one family’s triumph over anger and hate that had nearly destroyed them all. Victory came in the form of forgiveness, redemption and even a Presidential Pardon. All coming to fruition through the guiding grace of Love.

Lawrence Allen lived and worked in the Greater China Region for 20 years, fulfilling the leadership needs of multinational companies there. To date, he’s had five books published: one non-fiction and four fiction—all but one derived from his experiences and acquaintances while travelling abroad. Among his many international assignments, he managed both Hershey and Nestle’s chocolate businesses in China. In 2010 AMACOM published Allen’s Chocolate Fortunes: the Battle for the Hearts, Minds and Wallets of China’s Consumers—a business book that chronicles the global chocolate industry’s introduction of chocolate to China after opening its doors to the outside world in 1979. It has been published in both English and Chinese language versions.

In 2014 Lawrence won Kathryn Raaker’s Let’s Just Talk Radio’s Best Political Thriller Award with Tree of Liberty: Trilogy. The individual books of the trilogy were subsequently published independently in two volumes: Hang Neck Ridge and Tree of Liberty: Revolution. In 2015 Lawrence published his first novella: Hamburger Heaven—50 pages of unpublished material that was derived from the writing of the Tree of Liberty trilogy. Most recently, February 2017, Allen broke with his business book and adventure novel genres to publish his first fiction based on an inspirational true-life story, the celebrated novella: The Last, The Lost, and The Least. For more information or to order the soft cover book go to or for the e-book go to to books for Kindle and Type in The Last, The Lost and the Least.

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W4Cy & W4Vet 03/09/2017

Our first guest today is Casey Schutrop is an inspirational speaker, bible-teacher, mentor, and national award-winning author. With a background in theater and music ministry, she has shared her insightful teaching and creative outreach presentations to countless national groups and internationally to audiences of diverse cultures. Due to her heart for the next generation and evangelism, she is the founder of WOW Ministries International, a 501(c)(3)nonprofit organization. Casey’s passion is to bridge the generations and bring framework to families in shifting times. Casey lives in the suburbs of Minneapolis, Minn. with her husband Marty, who serves as executive director of WOW Ministries International. The couple has three children. Founder Casey Schutrop shares, “We are not wow; instead, we are in AWE of the Mighty God who ‘wows’ us.” WOW desires that all will know the heart of the Father towards us, that head-knowledge will become heart-knowing. “This is how we take the longest journey we will ever take in our faith — the journey from the head to the heart,” Casey shares.

More than a speaking ministry of one individual, WOW Ministries International exists as a registered Nonprofit 501c3 Christian Organization here to “Redeem the Time both here and abroad”.

The Mission: “For head-knowledge to become heart-knowing. Serving to share speaking and teaching in creative and compelling ways, both here & abroad so others may know, grow and go onto live the Spirit-Led life in Christ.” WOW is about you becoming a rounded and grounded believer; grounded in the Word of God that deepens your Spirit-Led life with a lifestyle of worship and prayer. For more information go to


Our next guests are Todd & Jackie Courtney discussing their newest book series Inspirational Nursery Rymes.








Todd J. Courtney has lived in San Jose, CA most of his life. He has spent the past 25 years as a business owner/investor and during the last 5 years, he was teaching what Wallace D. Wattles calls “thinking stuff” to business offices in San Jose. During this time of teaching, while raising three kids of his own and teaching them the same techniques, he realized his passion lies with helping our youth understand that they too can create the life they truly dream of. While teaching adults for the prior 5 years, it didn’t take Todd long to realize why most of our youth get trapped in the same cycles as their parents, with the primary reason being that parents cannot teach their children what they don’t know or don’t understand themselves. After researching the teen and young adult market, it seemed a lot more work needed to be done to help our youth during this time of a rapidly changing world. Todd’s premise is this; “If we expect our youth to change the world, we have to start by changing our youth.”

In addition to his first book, “Thinking in One Direction”,Todd created as a “go to” site for teens to find an array of short eBooks on a variety of topics, as they seek the answers to their individual questions. This site is dedicated to all the teens, pre-teens and young adults out there who are looking for answers, but didn’t have a single source to find them.

In addition, he and his wife, Jackie, created a new genre of nursery rhymes, Inspirational Nursery Rhymes, with the purpose of helping our youth during the early years of learning. Not stopping there and seeing how disease such as cancer, diabetes and obesity are affecting our youth at younger ages, Todd created the first ever animation video to help kids with leukemia think themselves healthy during treatment with their doctors. When asked, “Why leukemia? Does someone you know have it?” he responded with a, “No. It was just an idea in which I felt compelled to create.” With absolutely no experience on how to create an animation video, Todd explains in detail how things came about in divine order. For more information on his video go to,

Jacqueline “Jackie” was also raised in San Jose, CA and spent her career as a primary school teacher for 16 years before retiring to raise their children and embark on the journey of co-creating Inspirational Nursery Rhymes with Todd. From her years in teaching her students, many of whom were from underprivileged families, Jackie saw firsthand for the need to empower children and provide them the self-confidence needed to grow up leading a satisfied and fulfilling life as an adult. In combining her passion for children and desire to make a difference, along with Todd’s research, the idea of creating a brand new series of board books for toddler’s was born. With most of our current nursery rhymes written over 200 years ago, the objective was to create something for the 21st century that would enhance children’s futures.



Our last guest is Pastor Chip Gordon Director of Pastoral Care of Cancer Treatments Of America® (CTCA) he discusses their mission and how he became the Pastoral Director. In addition to the opportunity he sees for ministry to make a difference with patients, caregivers and the staff, Pastor Gordon appreciates the CTCA® focus on treating the whole person, rather than just a physical ailment.

Pastor Gordon earned a Master of Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas, and a bachelor’s degree in speech communications from Auburn University. Throughout his more than 25 years of ministry experience, he has served as a Youth Pastor and Senior Pastor for various churches in North Carolina, Alabama and Georgia.

“My goal is to always be a good listener, as many times patients simply need to be heard,” says Pastor Gordon. When working with patients, Pastor Gordon sees his role as helping them to understand that there is hope, and then guiding them to find that hope. He is also available to answer any questions that patients may have at any time concerning faith.

Passionate about the community, Pastor Gordon has served on the board of directors at Bridging the Gap, a community outreach program providing food and other resources to people in need. He has also served as an advisor to the Newnan Youth Council, Board of Directors for the Newnan Kiwanis Club, and as a Director on the Newnan/Coweta Board of Realtors. Pastor Gordon is very active in SonRise Baptist Church where he serves as an Elder.

Born and raised in Newnan, Pastor Gordon met his wife Jo Ellen at Auburn University. She is currently a mathematics teacher at Newnan High School. Chip and Jo Ellen have two daughters, Katie and Abbie.

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