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Our first guest today is Byna Elliott, vice president and director of Community and Economic Development for Fifth Third Bank she shares insight on the study findings, tips for achieving financial security and more information about the Bank’s ongoing effort to improve financial education through its free L.I.F.E. (Lives Improved through Financial Empowerment®) programs.

Byna Elliott is senior vice president and director of Community and Economic Development, a role that includes oversight of the Bank’s charitable giving, economic development for underserved communities, and lending in urban and rural markets.  Byna is a community reinvestment professional with over 20 years of experience, including five years of experience in administering all aspects of consumer compliance programs and Community Reinvestment Act initiatives. Byna began her career at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency in 1993 and moved into the financial services industry in 1998.

Our next guest is Michael Rezak – MD, PhD, neurology – medical director of the Movement Disorders Center at Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital.  Medical Director Michael Rezak, MD, discusses the latest research, including Northwestern Medicine’s work on potential diagnostic tools using biomarkers to confirm Parkinson’s disease, and allow the early identification of patients in the pre-symptomatic phase of the illness.

Dr. Rezak is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Chicago Chapter of the Dystonia Medical Research Association and is on the faculty for Medtronic (Deep Brain Stimulation). Dr. Rezak is active in research in Parkinson’s disease (PD) and currently serves as principal investigator in several trials, including the development of valid markers and risk factors to identify patients in the preclinical phase of PD (funded by the Parkinson’s Disease Research Society); and has been involved in the NIH-funded CORE PD Consortium on Risk for Early Onset Parkinson’s Disease and the Parkinson’s Disease Collaborative Study of Genetic Linkage (PROGENT) studies. Dr. Rezak received his PhD in neuroanatomy from the University of Illinois Medical Center. He received his medical degree from Loyola University Stritch school of Medicine. He completed his neurological training at Yale University school of Medicine.

Melissa Sullivan, Mayflower Marketing Communications Director, will discuss the survey results related to millennial moving habits.

Melissa Sullivan is Mayflower’s Director of Marketing Communications and all-around moving advice expert.  A former broadcast producer, she’s an experienced and vibrant speaker who can connect with audiences with plenty of stories about the relocation process and data on just who’s packing up and why. As a Millennial, Melissa is living proof of the moving trends found in the 2017 Mayflower Movers Insights Study and  discusses how her own personal moving experiences reflect the study!

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Christian Talk 1160 AM April 15, 2017


Molly Atkins was that was honored  Sunday night April 2nd at the 33rd Annual Annual L. Ron Hubbard Achievement Awards Event at the prestigious Wilshire Ebell Theatre in Los Angeles, California for her short story” Obsidian Spire” it was illustrated by Aituar Manas.

Molly Elizabeth Atkins grew up in a small university town in the heart of Texas. She learned to read early and devoured books voraciously, leaving her parents at a loss as to what to do with all the teetering stacks of paperbacks. She spent most of third grade in time-out for reading under her desk instead of listening to her teacher. By high school, she was banned from the local libraries for checking out too many books at a time and failing to return them. Though she knows this is a cardinal library sin, she would like to point out that she was young and reckless, and anyway the books were so good she was too busy re-reading them to realize their due dates had come and gone. At some point in those formative years, Molly discovered fantasy and science fiction. The incredible worlds those authors created set fire to her imagination and kindled within her a desire to write. Molly spent many years thinking of writing and plotting stories in her head. She finally picked up the pen at the ripe old age of thirty-three. She lives in St. Louis, Missouri with her ever-patient husband and two rambunctious young daughters. She gets out of bed at 5:00 a.m. every day, no exceptions, to write before her family wakes and chaos takes over the house. This is her first publication.




David VonAllmen  was honored at the 33rd  Annual L. Ron Hubbard Achievement Awards Event, on April 2nd,  at the prestigious Wilshire Ebell Theatre in Los Angeles, California.

The annual event celebrated the winners in the L. Ron Hubbard Writers and Illustrators of the Future Contests ( before a packed hall of over 1,100 guests and thousands more from around the world who watched as the event was streamed live. The night’s keynote speaker was Mr. Pat Henry, president and co-founder of Dragon Con who stated, “This is quite a spectacular event, recognizing talented aspiring writers and artists of Science Fiction and Fantasy from all over the world…. Good Fantasy is magic. It transports the reader to a new and different reality, and they come back changed forever.” He concluded by thanking “Writers and Illustrators of the Future…and everything you do to carry forward L. Ron Hubbard’s vision to promote and improve this great industry!” The Magnifcent Bhajan”, was the name of the story published.  It was illustrated by Chan ha Kim.

David VonAllmen began writing at age thirteen, but quickly became disheartened due to the poor quality of his work. In his senior year of high school, a short story he wrote to fulfill an assignment led to accusations of plagiarism and threats of expulsion. That’s when he realized his writing might be better than he’d previously given himself credit for.

Having spent his youth assuming that all fantasy was identical to Tolkien, David thought of himself as a science fiction writer, although a somewhat uninspired one. He lives in his hometown of St. Louis with his wife, Ann, and their children Lucas and Eva, who write some pretty darned good fantasy stories of their own.

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W4CY & W4Vet 4-13-2017

Our guest today on W4Cy & W4Vet is CEO of Regenix, William Edwards. He discusses Top Reasons Why We Loose Our Hair, Natural Ways to Combat Hair Loss, Regenix New At-Home Hair care Line [men and women all around the world can experience the “Beverly Hills” treatment by ordering Regenix custom made solutions online!], How Stars like Matthew McCanaughey went from Balding to Perfect Locks.

William “Bill” Edwards is the Founder and CEO of Regenix. Founded in 1993, and headquartered in the Cedars Sinai Medical Office Towers in Beverly Hills, the Regenix Hair Research Clinic has treated over 500,000 individuals with hair loss. Edwards is a renowned Scalp and Hair Care Specialist who has been treating scalp disorders since 1976.

In 1980, Edwards joined An-Tech Research Labs, Inc., to concentrate solely on research and analysis. Through a grant from the Canadian Government, the company was able to purchase an Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer to determine relationships with and track mineral absorption. In 1984,Edwards moved from Toronto to Los Angeles and became President of An-Tech Research Labs.

Finally, in 1993, Edwards resigned from An-Tech and founded Regenix, when new Bio-pharmaceutical treatments were developed, along with new analysis technology, that exponentially expanded the company’s capabilities.

Today, Regenix is a household name, treating celebrity clients like Matthew McConaughey, and expanding its reach nationwide with a new at-home product line. The Regenix 3 Stage System is a non-surgical, custom treatment program, made with natural, effective ingredients that work both above and below the surface of the scalp. Regenix helps with hair loss or thinning, Dermatitis, Dandruff, Psoriasis, or extremely dry or damaged hair from chemicals and styling products.

Edward’s goal is to create a healthier environment for hair growth while preventing further hair loss by stopping the deteriorative process. For more information go to

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