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Our guest today is Frank McGillin, Senior Vice President and General Manager, at NeuroMetrix.  He discusses Quell a Class-2 device for Chronic Pain. He lead the start-up of a new consumer health technology business for NeuroMetrix, he developed and executed strategy to enter the rapidly growing wearables segment with Quell, a new Class-2 device for chronic pain.

Mr. McGillin brings to NeuroMetrix over 20 years experience building successful, high-growth consumer brands most recently at Philips Oral Healthcare and at Johnson & Johnson. At Philips Mr. McGillin was responsible for building the global oral care business of Sonicare to become the #1 brand in the nearly $1 billion dollar US power toothbrush market. During his career he has launched over 50 new products and product upgrades and managed businesses across markets including diagnostic imaging, healthcare informatics, medical devices, dental and consumer technology. Mr. McGillin holds an MBA degree from Fordham University and a BS degree from Northeastern University. –

Quell® l is a 100% drug free technology designed for millions of people suffering from chronic pain. The advanced wearable device is lightweight and can be worn during the day while active, and at night while sleeping. It has been cleared by the FDA for treatment of chronic pain without a prescription. In a recent study, 81% of Quell users reported an improvement in their chronic pain. Quell users can personalize and manage therapy discreetly via the Quell Relief app. Quell also offers advanced health tracking relevant to chronic pain sufferers including pain, sleep, activity, and gait. Quell was the winner of the 2016 SXSW (South by Southwest) Innovation Award for Best Wearable Technology. Quell is available at select healthcare professionals and retailers. – For  more information about their products go to www.neurometrix.com

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Christian Talk 1160 AM 06-10-2017

Dan Perkins is our first guest on our show today Songs and Stories for Soldiers, his new Children’s books and all his new upcoming events and projects.  Mr. Perkins: Author | Financial Planner, Speaker,  Philanthropist ,Mentor, Radio Personality, Commentator.

As with the novels he writes, Dan Perkins is a multi-faceted character. He resonates a life filled with action, travel, family and of course, writing. The story-lines of his books, although fiction, could be pulled today’s headlines. His sense of the political arena is keen and sharp, with a wit to match. From his speaking engagements to his radio program, to his often appearances on TV programs, Dan keeps his opinions in the public view. While not always politically “correct” he is always politically “astute.” Dan now writes a commentary on the DailyCaller.com, TheHill.com, Reganbaby.com, the dailysurge.com and others. He comments on what is happening with the same insight and awareness that he writes his books. He sheds light on what is really happening, not what big government wants you to believe is happening. His commentaries provide an opening in your mind to expand new insight and possibly take a look at our world with a different pair of eyes.  For more information go to danperkins.guru


Anthony Watson, is Registered Nurse, been in the Home Health Care Industry for many years and the Co-Founder of Ace Healthy Products. Anthony was in the Military and discovered during Desert Storm a product that keeps mosquito and bed bug away from people.  How the product Works.



The proprietary active ingredient in bed bug and mosquito eliminator has been tested for effectiveness and has been used effectively by healthcare workers, exterminators, private home use and by many others that go in and out of potentially bed bug or mosquito infested places. Bed Bug and Mosquito Eliminator is eco-friendly and safe for use around infants, children, pets, and the elderly.  Ace bed bug Eliminator is a patented formula that forms a protective barrier around you when entering a bed bug potentially infested home,hotel, theater. We stand behind our product 100%. If you are unhappy for any reason, you get a 100% money back guarantee! Just call the number 1-866-891-5338 and we will take care of you!


Although small in size, mosquitoes have been around for over 30 million years. They have honed their hunting skills over that time and today use chemical, visual and heat sensors to locate their prey. They use their heat sensors to detect warm-blooded mammals and birds in their vicinity, so they can always locate humans when they are near enough to sense body heat. There are approximately 2,700 species of mosquitoes and the carry many potentially deadly diseases, including the recently spreading Zika Virus. Eagle Watch Mosquito Eliminator is eco-friendly and safe for use around infants, children, pets, and the elderly. For more information go to Acehealthyproducts.com



Our last guest today is Joe Estevez, Actor, Director, Producer, TV Star discusses his life and how he started in the film industry. Joe Estevez is an actor who has appeared in more than 240 films as well as a writer, director and producer for film, theater, and television. His and his wife Connie produce the TV series All things Catholic . To learn more about Joe, see his appearance on NET’s Portraits of Faith.

Joe’s  first time on the stage was as a 6-year-old playing the “Evil Inn Keeper” in a Christmas Nativity play, and as an actor he has never looked back. Born the last of ten children to an Irish immigrant mother and a Spanish immigrant father, Joe was raised in Dayton Ohio to be a factory worker but he had other plans for himself, and two hundred and thirty some films later Joe feels his decision was correct.

For most actors the road is never easy, but through perseverance, faith and talent Joe has become an accomplished actor, and in Hollywood today he is one of the busiest actors for one reason: He is one of the best at what he does. Joe can be seen weekly on the T.V. series “Hollywood Joe” and as the host of the critically acclaimed Faith Film Festival in N.Y.C. And if you want to read about Joe, pick up a copy of his book “Wiping off the Sheen”.

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W4Cy & W4Vet June 8, 2017

Our topic today is Stroke Awareness discussing  why the Country’s Highest Death Rates from Stroke are Americans Living in the “Stroke Belt”.

Our guests today are Paul Singh, MD, MPH, BS – Assist. Professor, Neuroendovascular Surgery and Vascular Neurology at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School. Dr. Singh completed his medical degree at the Medical College of Virginia in addition to a Masters in Public Health at George Washington University. Dr. Singh is dual-boarded in Neurology and Vascular Neurology, which allows him to bring a unique niche in diagnosing a variety of vascular diseases of the brain and spine, including strokes, aneurysms, AVMs and tumors. He will also be launching new clinical research trials in strokes, providing patients the opportunity to participate in new therapies. Dr. Singh is currently on staff at the University Hospital and Newark Beth Israel Medical Center in New Jersey.

 And  Stroke Survivor Patient, Patrick Johnson, Retired Air Force Reserve Colonel. Patrick Johnson, a retired Air Force Reserve Colonel, never saw himself as a candidate for stroke. A vegetarian and an avid runner, Patrick believed he was in good health. In fact, he had taken his Air Force fitness test just three days before having his stroke. “I had received an excellent score, which to me, reinforced the fact that I was fit and healthy,” said Patrick. “Then, I had a stroke.”  Patrick had gotten up in the middle of the night and on his way back to bed knew something was wrong. “I couldn’t move my left side, my speech was slurred and my face was drooping,” said Patrick. His wife and son, who are also both nurses, immediately recognized the signs of stroke and called 9-1-1.

Paramedics transported Patrick to the hospital within minutes. The stroke team confirmed through a CT scan that he had suffered a severe acute ischemic stroke. Less than two hours after Patrick’s initial onset of symptoms, he was administered treatment to break up the clot in his brain. Thanks to the treatment he received, he returned to work just six days later. The doctors told Patrick his stroke was brought on by arrhythmia’s in his heart that caused blood clots to form. He now knows that – despite being in good health – anyone can suffer a stroke. He credits his ongoing recovery to his family, the paramedics and the hospital staff for taking all the appropriate actions to ensure that he received the best possible care. “I was very fortunate that my family happened to be familiar with the signs and symptoms of stroke, knew to act quickly and get me the appropriate medical attention,” said Patrick. “I encourage everyone to talk to their friends and family about stroke. I know – firsthand – you truly never know what may happen.”  For more information g to http://www.stroke.org


Our second guest is David Richardson of  Assumptions Institute

Since 2011, David Richardson organization has led the effort to help Christian leaders engage with their faith in their public lives.  We also are at the forefront of helping families and churches reduce the number of Christian youth leaving their faith.  Understanding assumptions can help us change people’s lives.

The mission is that they use specialized educational tools to help those they serve to surface and evaluate hidden assumptions.  There are assumptions behind the things we read, watch, and hear.  There are assumptions below the surface in how we do our work.  Once they help people and organizations identify their assumptions, they can assist them in evaluating their assumptions to see if they are valid and true.  It is at the level of one’s assumptions that can help people and organizations find God and engage with him in their daily lives.  Assumptions enable believers to extend their relationship with Christ beyond their personal lives so they may serve those they encounter in their daily lives and work, and find the ministry for which God made them.

Assumptions are the most potent of ideas, but also the least understood. Transparent reveals what assumptions we make, how they control us, and how they are all inherently religious. Even atheists are religious at the level of their assumptions. Some assumptions are true and most are not. How can you tell without being an intellectual? Transparent introduces the Transparent App, an innovative and creative tool that helps people quickly see through the messages they encounter daily in the things they read, watch, and hear using the power of assumptions.

The Transparent App is simple enough for a student to use, but powerful enough for adults to find God and engage with Him in their areas of interest, expertise, and leadership. How can someone bring God with them to work or school? How does God give us knowledge and guidance in the things that matter in real life? At the level of assumptions God is everywhere.

Transparent is not just a theoretical theological exercise for intellectuals. It “translates” the complex ideologies of the intellectuals into everyday language for everyday people. Written more like an adventure than a textbook, Transparent is a refreshing departure from the usual books about apologetics, theology, and culture. Students, parents, pastors, and professionals will all love Transparent. For more information go to  www.assumptionsinstitute.org  www.daverichardson.org   www.TheTransparentBook.com

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