Christian Talk 1160 AM July 9, 2016

imagesCAYINEBAKerry Wallum will discuss his upcoming  Film Nieman his new TV Western Series and upcoming films. Kerry Wallum, actor, producer, director former Hollywood stunt man  and founder and partner with Willie Nelson and David Von Roehm of Luck Films, Kerry is our new Hollywood Film Expert on Lets Just Talk we welcome him as one of our experts. Kerry will be updating each month on what is happening in the film industry and Television scene and all his new projects with Luck Films.




MV5BMTcwODU5ODYyNF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNzc2NTQwMzE@._V1_SY98_CR1309898_David Von Roehm, Director, Actor, Producer Filmmaker.

David is a screenwriter, director and producer bringing his experience, imagination, and resourcefulness to producing in various formats: music videos, short films, documentaries and feature films.  Teacher. – David is currently working at Ningun Films and Luck Films on a number of film projects at various levels while teaching TV, Film and Media at CHARTER TECH School for the Performing Arts. Member of the South Jersey High School Media Teacher Symposium. He is partner with Kerry Wallum and Willie Nelson for Luck Films. Today we are discussing the new movie just filmed that he wrote and directed “Niemand”, an 1870s western mystery. Produced by Kerry Wallum.

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imagesOur last guest is Gerard “The Big G” Haran, Political Expert, and Former Aide to Republican Chris Christie and Highly Entertaining Star as seen on Fox and NBC will discuss the idea of the underdog democrat championing the little man is about 60 years past expiration. They ARE the ruling class. They own the Whitehouse for 16 of the last 24 years. They own the media. They own TV. They own the movies. They ABSOLUTELY own the Internet. They are intolerant of any opposing thoughts or ideas, to the point of ostracizing their opponents. They are group-think globalists, conniving the public into trading their freedoms one by one for an omnipotent centralized power.

But maybe they’ve pushed too far? This week they had yet ANOTHER representative arrested for corruption…and unlike Corzine or Rangle or Menendez…HE ACTUALLY RESIGNED!! Then they stage this farcically transparent sit-in…and it actually backfires as dems across the country ask why they voted down the two gun bills!!! Now? Brexit!!! It’s insane. The Empire is showing some chinks in its armor…could the public have finally had enough?! Probably not. But you have to take the wins when you can get them. Gerard “The Big G” Haran will discuss these questions in detail and use his own way of thinking to elaborate on what the world of politics is really about.



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