Christian Talk 1160 AM 06-17-2017

Kerry Wallum our expert in Film Production and  TV he will be discussing his newest films, Niemand,  and A Turn in the Sun, also some of the newest projects he is working on currently. and a new Music Video he is working on this year.

Kerry Wallum, actor, producer, director and founder partner of Luck Films, Kerry is our Hollywood Film Expert on Lets Just Talk . Kerry will be discussing the new President elect and how he feels it will effect business growth in the film industry.on what is happening in with all his new projects with Luck Films.

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Our second guest is Bob Cisco Pro Golfer discusses his newest book Perfect Balance, he will also be talking about the US Open. Bob is a Master Golf Instructor, Mental Game Performance Advisor, and Life Improvement Specialist — Helping you reach your real potential in golf, sports and life.He is  also  a marketing specialist and product development or inventor who enjoys life and loves the game of Golf. FAVORITE QUOTES -Golf is a lot like life. It’s how you play the game that counts.

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Our guest today is John Goodwin, President Galaxy Press,  he will be discussing  the news that Battlefield Earth is a winner of a 2017 Audie Award after having been nominated in two categories, EXCELLENCE IN MARKETING and EXCELLENCE IN PRODUCTION!  The Audie Awards, the premier award given in the audio book industry, recognize distinction in audio books and spoken word entertainment and is sponsored by the Audio Publishers Association (APA). 2017 is the 22nd year of these annual awards. Originally released in 1982, Battlefield Earth was a New York Times and international bestselling novel with over 4 millions copies sold. Battlefield Earth was rated #3 of the top 100 novels of the 20th Century in the Random House Modern Library Readers Poll.

John Goodwin, publisher and president of Galaxy Press, has been involved with book publishing since 1986. He is a member of the Audio Publishers Association, a national organization of the audio publishing industry. He has become very active in the Hollywood community the past several years serving as a Board member of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. He is also a Board member of the Friends of Hollywood Central Park (an organization creating a 44-acre park over the Hollywood Freeway) and has been very active in creating the Hollywood Christmas Parade as a means of continued popularization of Hollywood. He is a member of the Explorers Club, Science Fiction Writers of America, Mystery Writers of America and Western Writers of America, as well as the Dubai Press Club as part of an international effort to introduce his publishing program into the Middle East.


Mr. Hubbard’s story starts out by talking about an conquering alien race acquiring the mining rights to Earth from discovering the Voyager probes sent out in the late 1970’s having records made of gold as well as the location of Earth; an invasion makes short work of the human population.  Mr. Marrs can speak on this point. The 47-hour unabridged audio book which features some of Hollywood’s best voice talent sports a cast of 67 voice actors portraying 198 characters, over 150,000 sound effects and full cinematic music score. The Battlefield Earth trade paper, eBook and audio book are available through, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million and wherever books are sold!


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