Radio Fairfax 6/19/2018

Dan Perkins: Author | Financial Planner | Speaker | Philanthropist | Mentor and Commentator, Radio & Television Personality

Our  guest today is our Expert  Dan Perkins. He  will discuss World events especially the G7 Summit in Canada and what Mr. Perkin’s opinion is  of  the results of the Summit. He talks about the President Trump’s to trip to Singapore and his meeting he had with Kim Jong-un.


Ted Baker in Terrorist Gold by [Perkins, Daniel]

Growing in popularity and with a following that rivals long-time authors, this relatively newcomer to the political thriller genre has a list of followers waiting for the next book to come off the press. And Dan never fails to please them. To get your copy of Dan’s latest thriller Terrorist Gold go to Amazon, Books A Million or Barnes and Noble to purchase For more information go to


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WWLN 1080AM/ WDZY1290AM/103.3FM KWDF 840AM/99.7FM 6/16/2018

Gabe Greenberg, GABBCON CEO and Founder and CEO and Founder Adam Helfgott, MAD NETWORK discuss how keeping your data private and privacy as a human right.  Gabe Greenberg, GABBCON CEO and Founder is a 20-year marketing veteran and industry advisor on Blockchain, serves as GABBCON’s (Global Audience Based Buying Conference and Consultancy) CEO and Co Founder.  GABBCON and its partners have delivered the first tech standard for audience based buying, the ABCDs (Automated Broadcast Cross Device Standard).


CEO and Founder Adam Helfgott, MAD NETWORK,  and Project Lead of MAD Network, a privacy and consumer first context engine powered by blockchain technology. MAD brings brands, content and publishers closer together by pushing ad delivery to the edges, utilizing only 1st party data while guaranteeing consumer privacy. 




Emily Vacher, Director of Trust & Safety, Facebook,  talks about the importance of AMBER Alerts to help find missing children quickly, how the program works on Facebook, she offers ways to keep children safe both online and in the real world. Since the Facebook Amber Alert program began in 2015, Emily and her team have brought the feature to 17 countries (most recently launching in Belgium). Before joining Facebook, Emily was an FBI Agent, working on the Child Abduction team.



Kaitlyn Brown, Clinical Technician at Baptist East Hospital in Memphis, TN, In October 2016, she helped rescue 4-year-old Becky Lewis after recognizing her from seeing an AMBER Alert on Facebook.


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WCVX 1160 AM 6/16/2018

Our guest today is Allan Topol, he will discuss his newest novel, Russian Resurgence. Allan is the national bestselling author of fourteen novels of international intrigue, including Spy Dance. His novels have been translated into Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, and Hebrew. He is a graduate of Carnegie Institute of Technology, who majored in chemistry, abandoned science, and obtained a law degree from Yale University. A partner in a major Washington law firm, and an avid wine collector, he has traveled extensively, researching dramatic locations for his novels.

 Russian Resurgence: A Craig Page Thriller. Here is a synopsis: Twelve year old Nick, escaping from the burning of his grandfather’s house by Russian thugs, is caught up in a plot by Russian President Kuznov to recreate the Soviet empire in eastern and central Europe. The linchpin of Kuznov’s plan is an agreement with a corrupt Hungarian President to permit Russia to move troops into Hungary. In Allan Topol’s fast moving fourteenth novel, Craig Page and Elizabeth Crowder, working with Peter Toth, who bears the scars of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, and Peter’s grandson, Nick, try to thwart Kuznov’s plot. The action moves from Paris to Grozny, to Washington, and finally to intriguing Budapest. Craig, Elizabeth and Nick face repeated attacks on their lives. You can purchase Mr. Topol books in any bookstore and on Amazon. For more information on his books go to his website at

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