Christian Talk 1160 AM 9-16-2017

Our first guest is a Ruben Israel a street preacher, he grew up  a Christian since the age of 18.  Everyone was admonished to know the God of the Bible and that message has not changed in almost 30 years of public preaching across sidewalks in America. As I now look back, I do not begrudge my youth and wished I sinned more, I am thankful to God for taking full advantage of my youth and my parents raising me in a home. I never struggled with booze or drugs because I never bit that apple, even though most people I assumed I became a Christian in prison or baggage from drugs or bakers by the way I look.

They  work with many Churches from many denominations nationwide as those that work with them understand the reason for confrontational evangelism. Most ministries are a bit more glamorous, but street preaching is the armpit in the Body of Christ. The Rodney Dangerfield of Christianity if you will, for we get “no respect.” Never the less the Body of Christ has many parts and that is one fraction of many. For the big picture is, when a sinner dies and meets God, that sinner has had every opportunity to know Jesus. The Father in His great wisdom will send someone knocking on their door, another trying to befriend him, some inviting him to Church, others leaving booklets or pamphlets to read, others will pray or weep for this lost soul, AND THEN GOD WILL EVEN SEND SOMEONE LIKE US IN YOUR FACE TYPE TO GET THEIR ATTENTION. Now that sinner has no excuse not to believe in Jesus, nor can he plead ignorance on that Great Day, for he has heard the full gospel from every scenario. For more information go to


Our last  guest today is Nate McConnell he will be discussing what Bodies of Empowerment is and his latest Retreat Program is October 6th-8th,The Pursuit of Health. Nate’s motto is “Get The Body You’ve Always Dreamed Of!”

 “Nate McConnell has been training, educating and inspiring many over the past 20 yrs in the greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky areas. In addition to being a personal fitness trainer himself and owner of Bodies of Empowerment, he us also the founder of The Pursuit of Health Retreats he runs several times each year at Potters Ranch in Union, KY. The purpose of these retreats is healing, personal growth and development. His next retreat is October 6th-8th. Beyond physical health and fitness, Nate has a passion for developing the “whole person.” From teaching, to writing, leading small groups, to training clients, his heart for people is evident in all that he does.” For more information on the retreat go to or give Nate a call at (859) 578-4500


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W4Cy & W4VET 09-14-2017

Our first guest is David Allender is the Editorial Director at Scholastic Book Clubs. He will discuss Back To School Tips for Parents to Help Kids Succeed in School,
Reading is Key to Academic Success: National Survey from Scholastic Shows Parents Have a Major Role in Helping Kids Find Books They Love.

David Allender is the Editorial Director at Scholastic Book Clubs. He oversees the selection of the thousands of books from all publishers featured in Scholastic Book Clubs’ monthly flyers, reaching tens of thousands of classrooms and millions of students nationwide. David has been an editor for 35 years and nothing makes him happier than discovering a great new book that kids will love. To learn more about Scholastic Book Clubs, visit


Our next guest discuss September is  Blood Cancer Awaeness Month is Actress Finola Hughes. Ms. Hughes has taken on a new role: raising awareness for a group of rare, chronic and under-recognized blood cancers called Myeloproliferative Neoplasms (or MPNs). In the series Finola’s  Character Anna Devane (General Hospital) was diagnosed with polycythemia vera (PV), a rare type of chronic blood cancer,  Emmy-award winning actress Finola Hughes is dedicated to increasing awareness for rare blood cancers, while inspiring the public to be advocates for their own health.



Our 3rd guest is Becky Rabbitt, PharmD, an expert on Medicare Part D plans. Ms. Rabbitt will provide helpful information to people who are new to Medicare, and offer tips to current beneficiaries on how to choose the best plan for them during the upcoming Annual Open Enrollment period, which begins October 15th and ends December 7, 2017.

As vice president, Medicare solutions, Rebecca Rabbitt advises health plans on pharmacy programs for their Medicare and Medicaid populations. Her knowledge of CMS guidelines helps clients improve their Medicare Part D programs. Rebecca holds a doctorate in pharmacy from the St. Louis College of Pharmacy and has completed a clinical residency at The Jewish Hospital of St. Louis. PharmD has played an integral role in the development of Express Scripts’ Medicare Part D prescription drug plan and suite of Medicare services and solutions for clients. Medicare consumers and caregivers can learn how to make important decisions about their pharmacy coverage. For more information please visit: and



Our next guest is Lifestyle Expert Kia Malone shares Tips to Support and Nurture a Child’s Innovation and Individuality. Kia Malone is a familiar face in the media landscape. She has 15+ years of broadcasting experience in both radio and local and national television; most notably as a long-running host of the nationally syndicated morning TV show, ‘The Daily Buzz.’  She also served as host of, ‘Dance League,’ on American Sports Network and contributor on ‘Hot Topics TV.’  As such, Kia is backed by a broad range of experience in front of the camera; delivering everything from news to lifestyle, pop culture and entertainment content. Kia is also a wife, mother to two young children and a force to be reckoned with on the ballroom dance competition circuit.

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Radio Fairfax 09-12-2017

Today’s guest is Nancy Magargle, Author of “Time to Die, A Time to Live: Making and Moving Beyond End-of-Life Decisions”  The story is about a mother that  grapples with a crisis of faith while struggling to know God’s will when facing end-of-life decisions for her child and learns to recognize and recover from false guilt as she seeks to reconnect with God in the aftermath.

Nancy Magargle, author, speaker, Nancy Wright Magargle, licensed chaplain with the International Alliance of Chaplain Corps, is a speaker and writer who captivates her audiences with her passion, enthusiasm, honesty, and warm conversational style. She is a member of the Authors Guild and The Jerry Jenkin Writers Guild. She grew up in the beautiful hills of Pennsylvania where she and her husband Ron have enjoyed rearing their four children. A member of Stonecroft Ministries, Nancy has spoken to hundreds of people across Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, and New Jersey about the lessons God taught her surrounding her daughter’s death and her own subsequent crisis of faith. Nancy’s passion is that others will experience God’s love so that they can be released from the burden of guilt and receive God’s healing and comfort.

a time to dieAbout The Book

A Time to Die, A Time to Live is Nancy’s story of loss, hope and redemption after her daughter’s death drove her into deep spiritual crisis. Mired in self-doubt and grief, she questioned how God could ever love her after she had made such an agonizing decision. A piercing letter from an internationally recognized spiritual leader further deepened her torment, paralyzing her very soul. But she persevered in her search for meaning—even renewed faith—in the face of unimaginable despair.

Nancy catapulted into a crisis of life and faith after withdrawing life-support from her critically injured daughter. This story will help you move through the grief process and beyond the guilt associated with loss to a place of intimacy with the Lord.

Nancy grapples with a crisis of faith while struggling to know God’s will when facing end-of-life decisions for her child and learns to recognize and recover from false guilt as she seeks to reconnect with God in the aftermath.

You can learn more about Nancy and her book, A Time to Die; A Time to Live at the links below.