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cliff-michaels-authorOur guest today is Clifford Michaels the author of Harnessing Heaven.  Clifford Michaels, is a motivational author who thrives by sharing his own life experiences and lessons. Michaels works in New York City as an investment adviser and financial planner.

Clifford Michaels, was a Wall Street investment banker, and never believed in the power of self-awareness or mindfulness. The daily foundation of his life was rooted in practical concerns: juggling marriage and family, managing laborious commutes to New York City and meeting the expectations of his demanding/results-driven job. The struggle with which so many of us are familiar. but, as we also often hear, something can literally stop you in your tracks. For Michael’s, it was the diagnosis of kidney cancer that jolted him, but that didn’t immediately turn him, to spirituality. Researching treatment programs and going through recovery started his mind-shift — opening himself up to the real purpose of life and how one’s experiences help shape, and can alter, your mind set.


HarnessingHeaven-hi-res-2016 Harnessing Heaven is engaging, inspirational, and unlike any you’ve heard before. On our show today he discusses:

What exactly are the seven principles toward greater spiritual understanding and how you can incorporate aspects of each in your daily life/work?

How tolerance and acceptance of differences in each other can be accomplished and tangible ways to make it happen. How we never stop learning from our personal lessons and challenges throughout life – which actually helps us move forward. How his spiritual life coincides with his daily life on Wall Street The importance of loving what you do in life and following your passion How frustration and anger can overtake your life, leading to illness

 For more information and how to obtain the book go to his website at  http://harnessingheaven.com

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