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Our guest today is Ford Taylor he is best known as the former CEO of the publicly traded Brazos Sportswear Corporation – a small apparel company that he grew from a few small individual investors to an operation with 2,000 employees and over $300 MILLION DOLLARS in sales. And then it all came crashing down….
Ford’s incredible business success led to a level of ego and arrogance that ultimately culminated in sexual sin that could have destroyed his life. A personal experience with God brought Ford back into relationship with Him and healed his marriage. Says Ford, ““I realized that the God of the Universe cared about me personally and deeply and that transformed everything about my life.”
Ford left the company he built and took the business principles he had used to make it an American success story it to his pastor and asked him if these principles were found in the Bible. The answer was YES. This set Ford on a path to put this into a training and coaching system called Transformational Leadership.
Today, Ford shares the principles that grew his company to one of the largest in the world and helps transform the culture of companies worldwide, from small privately owned firms to Fortune 100 companies like Georgia Pacific, AT&T, GE, Gillette, Hilton, Sheraton, Westin, SunTrust Bank, Humana Health Care, Holiday Inn, Nestle, H&R Block Mortgage, Bank of America, Proctor and Gamble, PEPSICO, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Citicorp and many many more. Learn more about Ford Taylor and Transformational Leadership here:

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With a changing economy and technology on the rise, many people are wondering if automation will put their job at risk. Will robots or driverless cars actually replace people some day? A new study by education company Pearson found that the future of jobs may be brighter than we all thought. Joining us is Pearson’s CEO John Fallon with details.

John Fallon is Pearson’s chief executive officer. He joined Pearson in 1997 as director of communications rising to the role of president of Pearson Inc., in 2000. In 2003, he was appointed CEO of Pearson’s educational publishing businesses for Europe, the Middle East & Africa (EMA) and gradually took on a broader international education portfolio. Prior to joining Pearson, John was director of corporate affairs at Powergen plc, where he was also a member of the company’s executive committee. Earlier in his career, John held senior public policy and communications roles in the British and UK local governments.


Our second guest today is Patricia Bannan, MS, RDN, a nationally recognized registered dietitian nutritionist, healthy cooking expert, and captivating communicator inspiring millions of people to eat and live well. She is known for developing segments for television, writing articles for magazines, and her work as a spokesperson to leading health-minded companies and organizations nationwide. She will be discussing reducing sugar in your diet she says it is easier to do than many expect! Those who are calorie conscious, yet have a sweet tooth, can still enjoy the desserts they love without the guilt. In partnership with Registered Dietician Patricia Bannan, Stevia In The Raw is developing a free eCookBook, Half Your Cake and Eat It Too, to show how replacing about half the sugar with Stevia In The Raw in any baking recipe will help reduce sugar and calories.


Our last guest today is Dr. David Ring, MD, PhD, chair of the AAOS Patient Safety Committee, who also is associate dean of Comprehensive Care, and Professor of Surgery & Perioperative Care at the Dell Medical School at The University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Ring is helping to spearhead the prescription safety campaign and spreading the message that while minimizing patient discomfort remains an important goal of orthopaedic care, great caution should be used in prescribing and taking opioids.

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Our guest today is Celeste Dean Fuller, USNR  currently a NxStage Patient Advocate.  She has had End Stage Renal Disease for over 31 years and has utilized all dialysis modalities including receiving three kidney transplants.  Celeste is married to Anthony, who also worked as her care partner for the six years that she utilized the NxStage One machine.  Her daughter Tanae was adopted while Celeste was on dialysis and has now earned her Master’s Degree in Sound Engineering and Design.  Celeste is active in her church and has been both a consistent and diligent teacher for over 6 years while on dialysis.  She is currently teaching discipleship classes designed to encourage and uplift others along the journey of life.

Celeste has studied Communication Arts and Social Work with an emphasis on public speaking to better prepare her for opportunities to inspire and to motivate others to become their best selves.  In addition to NxStage, Celeste has volunteered with Davita Dialysis services as a volunteer advocate by speaking to nurses, technical staff, and other employees about patient concerns and experiences.  She has also volunteered with DonateLife of Ohio to educate the public regarding organ donation. In addition to these endeavors, Celeste served as a volunteer support staff member at the Family Violence and Prevention Center of Greene County Ohio working with homeless women and children to help to encourage self-empowerment.

Celeste has many notable achievements including but not limited to maintaining a 3.85 GPA at each of the higher level academic universities that she has attended.  She balanced motherhood, tri-weekly dialysis treatments, and has overcome breast cancer, Bell’s Palsy, histoplasmosis, and numerous other medical challenges while maintaining a positive and reassuring attitude for others to follow.

Celeste received her third kidney transplant just 4 months ago and has resumed her role of encouraging and empowering others to both learn to be their own personal advocate and to completely remove the idea of “can’t” from their minds.  She sincerely believes that we cannot only if we “try not”. Celeste currently resides in Bellbrook Oh. For more information go to

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