Wilkins WSKY KWDF WDZY 12-03-2016

aaeaaqaaaaaaaaijaaaajdgyywy3n2iwlte0ntitngzmzs05ogixlwq0yjk5m2m5odu2oqOur first guest today is Dr. Don Mordecai – Kaiser Permanente National Leader for Mental Health and Wellness – Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Stanford University Medical School.

Did you know Millions of Americans are affected by depression and other mental illnesses? In fact, according to the National Institute of Mental Health, an estimated 16.1 million adults in the United States had at least one major depressive episode in the 2015 calendar year. Depression and other mental health issues touch all of our lives, because they are common and affect loved ones, friends, family members, co-workers and sometimes ourselves.


Dr.  Mordecai will discuss the Find Your Words campaign, how to get involved and offer tips for mental health conditions. He will also share common signs/symptoms of depression, including: feeling sad or hopeless nearly every day, losing interest in activities you used to enjoy, feeling too tired and drained to move through your day. That is why the “Find Your Words” public health awareness effort was created. Through this campaign, Kaiser Permanente is encouraging people across the country to help reduce the stigma around depression and engage in a conversation about mental health issues. Mental health conditions, like depression, are treatable and people need to be reminded that there is hope. For more information, please visit: www.findyourwords.org



john_recropped-png-600x402_q67_crop-smartOur second guest John Drengenberg, Consumer Safety Director at UL, Mr. Drengenberg has spent fifty years keeping people safe and knows the holidays brings its own set of potential risks that are often overlooked he has tips to help keep everyone safe and secure this season

John Drengenberg, an electrical engineer by trade, is UL’s director of consumer safety. He’s spent nearly 50 years with the company doing everything from safety testing televisions and microwaves to showing TV news audiences why it’s so important to wear shoes while you mow the lawn and to make sure not to let your Christmas tree dry out. He’s passionate about helping everyday consumers avoid injuries and accidents and stay safe.

About UL:
UL solves the safety, security and sustainability challenges of the 21st century. We empower trust and enable the safe adoption of innovation. To do this, UL tests, inspects, audits, certifies, verifies claims, advises and trains as well as provides software solutions. Around the world, our employees share a common passion for our public mission to promote safe working and living environments for all people. Our public charity, the UL Institute, conducts independent research, community outreach, standards development and safety education. To learn more about us, visit UL.com.


Christian Talk 1160 AM 12-0-2016

sara-keyes-profile1Our guest today is Sara Keyes the Director of Development for the Veterans Restorative Care Center (VRCC). She will discuss: The Veterans Restorative Care Center, a new model to deliver healing for our wounded veterans, and a unique model to provide ongoing operational funding.

Sara Keyes is an adventurer with a passion for people. Sara has both landed and taken off from the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln, CVN 72, and been hosted at the Captain’s Table. She has had the privilege of knowing people in President Reagan’s Secret Service and Advancement Detail.  She has dined with Oliver North and coordinated an event for Senator Bob Dole. Her father served as a submariner in the Korean War. These experiences have developed in her a deep sense of gratitude toward our military veterans.

Prior to joining the fundraising effort at VRCC, Sara managed and ran capital and annual giving fundraising campaigns for both California State University, Bakersfield and the University of California, Santa Barbara. She managed the Charitable Gift Giving Program as Public Relations Manager for Occidental Petroleum of Elk Hills. She has been a tireless volunteer with numerous non-profit organizations, including being appointed as a Director of the Earl Warren Show Grounds by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Sara graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a double major in Communications, Public Relations, and a minor in English.

For more information about the Veterans Restorative Care Center go to www.veteransrcc.org.

W4Cy & W4VET 12-1-2016

20151111-welltok-8531-edited-copy-e1451083964160Michael Dermer is our first guest today he will discuss his new book, “The Lonely Entrepreneur”. Mr. Dermer is an entrepreneur, speaker, and lawyer, widely hailed as a pioneer of the movement to reward employees for healthy behavior.

imagesIn the” Lonely Entrepreneur”, Dermer will reveal how the constant chaos, adrenaline rush, and burden of being an entrepreneur causes many and diverse entrepreneurs to develop damaging ‘perspectives’ on the business and personal issues that come with the territory.

Just a few years out of law school, Dermer left a coveted job as a corporate lawyer to pursue the dream of being his own boss. With a bold idea—rewarding Americans for healthy behavior and, in the process, saving the healthcare system a bundle—Dermer started IncentOne. For ten years, he worked to motivate a team, convince the healthcare industry, win customers, and get buy-in from skeptics. Finally, on October 15, 2008, after landing plum customers like Deloitte and General Motors, Dermer clinched a private equity investment that should have put IncentOne on the path to billion-dollar riches.

Then, the Great Recession struck. In ten days, his dream spiraled into a nightmare. Bankrupt customers. Angry investors. Credit and capital gone. Dermer found himself scrambling to save the business he took a decade to build. After two years of toiling, furiously and tirelessly during 20 hour days, he successfully recovered and sold IncentOne. In the process, Dermer discovered something – that the difference between his success and failure was overcoming the flawed perspectives that develop in the struggle and under pressure and the value of seeing everyday challenges in a different light.  For more information or to purchase his book go to www.lonelyentrepreneur.com


aaeaaqaaaaaaaaknaaaajdyznza1zmmylwjiyjitnde0my05mjvmltbjytmyogy1n2ziyqSally Morrison, Director of Marketing for Gemfields. She will discuss the following: Will Your Holiday Gift Create a Story? Every Gemstone Tells A Unique Story:  Give The Perfect One for Her and The Six C’s of Gemstone Buying & Holiday Trends in Precious Colored Gemstones

Sally Morrison is a longtime expert in the field of fine jewelry, she is interested in the fascinating stories they can tell as they become family heirlooms. She’s brought the biggest jewelry trends to everyone from celebrities on the Red Carpet to everyday people celebrating their own personal milestones.

Prior to joining Gemfields, Sally was the managing director of jewelry for the World Gold Council. Before that, she held senior positions at De Beers, JWT, Miramax and amfAR. Sally has significant experience of the global jewelry market, as well as marketing and brand management expertise. Throughout her career she has led cutting-edge marketing initiatives including innovative digital campaigns, creative celebrity collaborations, and marrying jewelry with the worlds of art and film. Sally has a BA in English from Wadham College, Oxford.


shackelfordOur last guest is Tonya Shackelford, Director of Clinical and Professional Services for fred’s Inc. ,Ms.  Shackelford, will offer insight on the 2016-17 flu season, the latest news on the flu vaccine and how your local pharmacy is the best option for a first stop when looking for any vaccine.

Beginning her career in Oklahoma City for an independent pharmacy, Tonya Shackelford transitioned to Walgreens in 1999. From there, Tonya was relocated to Memphis and promoted to District Pharmacy Supervisor in 2005. During her tenure as District Pharmacy Supervisor, Tonya was instrumental in leading the pharmacists she oversaw into advanced pharmacy services, including immunizations, medication therapy management (MTM) and health testing.  In 2014, Tonya left Walgreens and was promoted to Director of Pharmacy Operations for APS Pharmacy, a Mississippi-based closed-door pharmacy serving mental health patients in over 80 community mental health centers, private clinics and hospitals.

In 2015, Tonya left APS Pharmacy and began her current role as Director of Clinical and Professional Services for fred’s Inc. In this role, Tonya oversees a clinical field team of nine pharmacists, working with the pharmacies at the local level to improve and execute fred’s Pharmacy clinical offerings, including flu vaccinations, immunizations, MTM, health testing, quality and adherence programs.   Since joining fred’s Pharmacy, one of Tonya’s leading initiatives is to integrate MTM and immunizations into the retail pharmacy workflow to improve patient outcomes, experiences and overall health and wellness. Tonya graduated with a degree in Pharmacy from the University of Mississippi in 1994. For more information go to www.fredsinc.com